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Ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts files and prevents users from accessing their data or system unless a ransom is paid, poses a very real and potentially disruptive threat. If infected files are opened on computers connected to a network, the attack can quickly spread and wreak havoc – as demonstrated by the global WannaCry attack in 2017.

Although not a new technique used by cybercriminals, ransomware is continually evolving and it’s imperative that you keep up-to-date with the latest threats.

What we do

Ransomware readiness is essential because ransomware attacks can have severe consequences, including data loss, operational disruption, financial damage, and reputational harm. Being prepared and having robust measures in place can significantly mitigate the impact of such attacks and help organisations recover more swiftly.

Dionach’s ransomware readiness review is designed to assess your organisation’s specific vulnerability to ransomware attacks. The review will determine the likelihood of an incident, the potential impact on your wider organisation, and how quickly you could recover.

Ransomware Readiness Review

We assess the following areas, creating a readiness score to gauge risk that contributes to our overall view of your resilience:

• Information security policies and employee awareness
• PC and laptop technical security controls
• Central management of technical security controls
• Back-ups
• Employee susceptibility to phishing emails
• Security updates
• Anti-malware
• Secure configuration


We deliver the whole spectrum of cyber security services, from long-term, enterprise wide strategy and implementation projects to single penetration tests.

Our team works with you to identify and assess your organisation’s vulnerabilities, define enterprise-wide goals, and advise how best to achieve them.

Our recommendations are clear, concise, pragmatic and tailored to your organisation.

Independent, unbiased, personalised – this is how we define our services. We guide you to spend wisely and invest in change efficiently.

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