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An enterprise wide perspective on cyber security

How resilient is your enterprise? Would you pass the dionach test?

Protect your organization’s information assets and manage your cyber risk

Protecting information assets and managing cyber risk is our mission, and one that we are pursuing successfully for hundreds of organizations like yours across the globe at this very moment.

As your strategic partner, we offer an unparalleled breadth of advanced services to match every stage of your information security journey. Our global team of experienced specialists combine the highest caliber of expertise, technology and client care – delivering practical and proven solutions to strengthen your cybercrime defenses across every surface.

Our Services


Information security assurance through penetration testing and social engineering.


Dionach helps organizations meet compliance requirements for standards such as PCI DSS and  ISO 27001.


We help many organizations through understanding and limiting breaches, and mitigating the risk of potential future breaches.

Our insight-led approach keeps you one step ahead

In today’s fast-evolving technological environment, cyber attacks are increasing both in volume and in sophistication. We are a leader in insight-led cyber security, drawing upon our renowned research and development team to keep our clients one step ahead of emerging threats and create new techniques to combat them.

Featured article

PCI DSS: 5 common mistakes to avoid

The message is clear: if you take card payments, PCI DSS applies to you. So why do some merchants remain non-compliant and risk hefty fines, reputational damage and potentially losing their ability to accept card payments? The following article highlights five common mistakes that we at Dionach regularly see in the course of our work as a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI).

Featured video

Data is the new oil & hackers know it!

In this interview Rob Embers, our Chief Commercial Officer discusses what organizations can do to stay one step ahead of hackers.

Featured presentation

Red Team engagements and the forgotten risk of mobile devices

Speaker: Luca Pellegrino, Penetration Tester - DefCamp Bucharest 2019

During a red team engagement, going after low hanging fruit is the obvious choice – vulnerable web applications, external password spraying and spear phishing are amongst the most popular attacks.

However, when everything seems to fail, targeting mobile devices and mobile applications could be a surprisingly effective attack vector, due to poor policies around mobiles and the rise of Cloud Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

In this talk Luca Pellegreno highlights the importance of mobile devices and demonstrates how this vector can be used in a real-world attack.


Latest from our


Multiple Vulnerabilities in Vivotek Camera

Author: Mike Manzotti – Senior Consultant
In a recent security engagement Vivotek Camera IT9388-HT (firmware version: 0100p) was found to be vulnerable to arbitrary file download (CVE-2020-11949) and remote command execution (CVE-2020-11950).

COVID-19 Cyber Security Challenges

Author: Raymond Rizk – Senior Consultant
Implications for information security due to the COVID-19 global pandemic including recommendations of actions to improve security challenges.

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