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Defending critical processes against invisible threats

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, a common type of Industrial Control System (ICS), were originally intended to remain isolated from other networks – but in modern manufacturing and production environments they have become increasingly connected.

This raises risk levels and places SCADA cyber security firmly under the spotlight, especially with several high-profile and disruptive attacks having made recent headlines.

Given the scale of the threat to operations and safety, it is strongly recommended that you do all you can to minimize the risk of systems or assets being breached.

What we do

Dionach’s team of hands-on security testers conduct full assessments of SCADA systems, identify key vulnerabilities and threats, and produce industry-leading reports based on the outcomes. Vulnerabilities are categorized by level of urgency, from severe threats to general observations, to help you prioritize remediation steps.

Our testers are always available for further discussions or clarifications. Clients can also take advantage of the knowledge and practical experience of our team to implement the report’s recommendations and mitigate the risk of future cyber attacks.



We deliver the whole spectrum of cybersecurity services, from long-term, enterprise wide strategy and implementation projects to single penetration tests.

Our team works with you to identify and assess your organization’s vulnerabilities, define enterprise-wide goals, and advise how best to achieve them.

Our recommendations are clear, concise, pragmatic and tailored to your organization.

Independent, unbiased, personalized – this is how we define our services. We guide you to spend wisely and invest in change efficiently.

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