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The high-tech sector is often ground zero for cyber-attacks. One obvious reason is that these organizations have very valuable information to be stolen. Working with key players in the tech industry to ensure they have the right IT security controls and help them identify potential weaknesses. 

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Key Threats Affecting the Technology Sector in Cybersecurity

The threats posed to high-tech organizations are wide-ranging, varying from IP theft to ransomware. Attacks designed to gain access to systems and data at rest are not uncommon. Big tech companies store and process huge volumes of data per second making them a sure target for bad actors. 


25% of all cyber attacks in 2019 were directed at the tech sector.


The targets of phishing emails opened more than 70% of them. Phishing attempts happen on a weekly or daily basis for 57% of businesses.

5 billion

5 billion            

The database breach was recorded as 5 billion in 2021. LinkedIn was breached, exposing 700 million records while Facebook had more than 533 million accounts breached.


Cloud Vulnerabilities

The cloud storage is utilized by everyone, whether for archiving personal photos or highly confidential company files. The development of modern technologies can lead one to believe that the cloud is now more secure; however, this is not the case. 

Over the last 5 years, it has been estimated that there has been an increase of over 150% in cloud vulnerabilities. Misconfigured storage, unsecured application programming interfaces, and illegal access to cloud root accounts are just a few ways of how hackers get access to highly sensitive information during a cyberattack against a cloud-based services, denying businesses access to their data. 

Threat of Supply Chain Attacks

In today’s highly connected global economy, many companies rely on third-party services such as online payment processors to keep up with customer demand. As a result, third party companies get access to private information and data. Cybercriminals use this factor to bypass security measures and systems by targeting the less secure networks of secondary targets. 

In 2021, cyber criminals entered Socialarks, a third-party contractor for social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, marking one of the most catastrophic hacks to date. In the end, 214 million users had their account information compromised.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is a malevolent threat that most advanced cybersecurity systems cannot stop because it targets the most vulnerable link in the cybersecurity chain – people! 

Humans are prone to errors; the extensive use of electronic communication such as email, text messaging, and social media makes them an easy target for cybercriminals. Social engineering attacks are centered around deception; the most prevalent form is Phishing.

Technology Related Services

Dionach has assisted business to build strong foundations for security, compliance, and operational excellence for 24 years.

Services include:

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High tech companies – and their employees – generally have a higher risk appetite than their counterparts in other sectors. Also, they tend to be early adopters of new technologies that are still maturing and are therefore especially vulnerable to attacks and exploits. As a result, high-tech organizations typically have a very large attack surface to protect. Increasing cybercrime requires that a cybersecurity strategy that addresses specific cyberthreats in the technology sector which evolves around the following components-


How are Dionach positioned to help Technology Organizations?

Dionach’s cybersecurity experts have a solid history of working with technology companies, from startups through industry leading tech organizations. As a trusted cybersecurity partner for technology organizations, our long standing 24-year background, combined with our in-house innovation and research team enable us to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats to technology and empower organizations to meet the challenges faced in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape.                                                                                                                          

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