Microsoft Azure and 365 Security Review Engagement

Ensure you meet your Microsoft Azure and M365 security responsibilities.

Cloud computing is of growing interest across different size companies around the globe. Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular solutions for enterprise, due to its deeply-integrated Azure and 365 cloud services, enterprises can rapidly build and manage complex infrastructure to support key services. Since the Azure cloud platform offers more than 200 products and services this allows organisations to use tools and technologies they trust and are already trained to do so.

Many organisations migrate on-premise applications and data from their local data center to public cloud infrastructure to take advantage of benefits such as greater cost management, redundancy and security of systems and data. Azure comes with a lot of security tools and options which can be customised and configured, however with that flexibility comes the potential to introduce weaknesses and misconfigurations.

To ensure you meet your Microsoft Azure and M365 security responsibilities, it is crucial to conduct thorough security reviews and assessments. These reviews help identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry standards.

For a detailed look at this case study and to understand the steps you can take to ensure your Microsoft Azure and M365 security responsibilities, please refer to the attached PDF document: Ensure you meet your Microsoft Azure and M365 security responsibilities: A case study looking at a recent Microsoft Azure and 365 security review engagement.

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