Staying alert to threats, right across the enterprise

It’s well-recognized that your people play a fundamental role in protecting the enterprise from malicious threats. The consequences of inadvertently opening the doors – both digital and physical – to cyber attackers can be wide-ranging, from short-term operational disruption to serious, long-term reputational damage.

Failing to address the human element of cyber risk exposure could rapidly undermine your technical defenses. Security assessments that incorporate social engineering are designed to reveal how well your staff follow company policies and procedures, highlighting where you need to adapt or refresh security processes to mitigate risk.

What we do

The precise scope of our industry-leading social engineering assessments can be tailored to your business, but the overall goal is to test how easily we can gain privileges and access to your systems, information and premises.

We test your susceptibility using a variety of techniques such as phishing attacks, Trojan viruses, phone phishing and attempting to gain unauthorized physical access. You will gain answers to questions such as: Would a member of staff share their password with a stranger posing as an auditor? Will employees hold the door open for someone wearing an ID badge without checking its authenticity?

The result is a comprehensive report that may make for uncomfortable reading but should provide a springboard to much-improved risk mitigation.

Technical Blog

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Thanks to our in-house research and development team, we are the first to know about new techniques being used by attackers to trick people into divulging information. New insights are fed into our evaluations on a continual basis.


We design each of our tests based on your business, providing you with a bespoke service to deliver your specific goals.


Access to our most senior consultants – and the depth of cross-sector knowledge they bring – is a standard part of our service.

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