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Sophos UTM Firewall Hardening

Firewalls are used as the main defence for an organisation’s network infrastructure, and are used to prevent unauthorised access to or from the private network. The aim of this article is to provide guidance for network administrators on how to harden Sophos UTM firewalls.  Achors #access_control #central_auth #tacacs #radius #ldap #named_accounts #complexity #lockouts #admin_ports #rules #comments #inactive_rules #explicit_deny #permissive #syslog #high_risk #restrict_outbound



The Onion Routing Network Research

The Tor network is borne out of a research project by the Naval Research Laboratory and Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency called Onion Routing.



Check Point Firewall Hardening

Dionach perform a number of firewall reviews and we often have to interact with different technologies and vendors. Alongside Cisco firewalls, Check Point firewalls are a popular solution used by organisations.



Malware Anti-Forensics

Some of the forensic countermeasures used by malware authors are described within this blog post. The importance of remaining undetected has led to the continuation of the practice of malware authors advertising their product as Fully UnDetectable (FUD).



Cisco ASA Firewall Hardening

Introduction I have conducted numerous firewall review for various types of organisations over the years. A common theme observed during these reviews is that most organisations do not have a firewall hardening procedure and/or do not conduct a regular firewall review which covers user accounts, exposed administrative interfaces, patch management and review of firewall rules. This article provides a guide or references other articles for hardening Cisco ASA firewalls and addressing the most common vulnerabilities observed during these firewall reviews.