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Dionach’s Information Security Seminar

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Dionach’s Information Security Seminar

This year Dionach hosted their annual Information Security Seminar at the National Space Centre in Leicestershire. The event was well attended and audience comprised of a variety of security and IT professionals from a variety of businesses sectors. Delivering talks at this year’s event were four of Dionach’s Senior Technical Consultants presenting three informative sessions aiming to provide an awareness of the challenges that organisations face when preventing social engineering attacks.

Firstly the presentation demonstrated information about social engineering, particularly how hackers manipulate or deceive individuals when trying to gain unauthorised access to the office premises or computer systems. Subsequently the presentation demonstrated key common internal vulnerabilities and the simplicity with which hackers are able to navigate the internal network once access has been gained. The highlight of this event was the interactive hacking demonstration; this concluded the theory of social engineering and internal vulnerabilities giving a practical demonstration of how a hacker would go about a social engineering attack.

The seminar was a mix of technical and practical learning of cyber security; furthermore it was an excellent opportunity to have friendly discussions with people in the security industry. Further information about the interactive hacking demonstration and picture of the device can be found on the Dionach blog. If you would like further information about future security seminars please email marketing@dionach.com

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