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CHECK Green Light Status Provider

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CHECK Green Light Status Provider

 Dionach are now an approved CHECK green light service provider. As a CESG CHECK Service Provider, Dionach are authorised to carry out penetration testing or IT Health Checks on Central Government (HMG) departments and contractors of HMG. This includes penetration testing on systems with information marked CONFIDENTIAL and with CESG authorisation, information marked SECRET.

As an approved CHECK service provider, Dionach meet a variety of strict service conditions including rules on security clearance, reporting, data handling, data protection and staff qualifications. CHECK requires that the prospective Team Members need to pass a CHECK assault course authorised by CREST or TigerScheme, and that those CHECK approved Team Members each hold a security clearance at a minimum of SC level.

A further requirement of a CHECK member company is to notify CESG at least five days before commencement of the CHECK test and within four weeks of completion. CESG must receive a copy of the penetration test report, as per the reporting guidelines.

Dionach’s wealth of experience of penetration testing coupled with CESG CHECK approval will enable them to efficiently determine the feasibility of a cyber-attack and the level of impact that should the organisation are exposed. Dionach’s unique reporting will provide a variety of individuals within HMG departments and their supplier’s comprehensive and actionable information for these risks.

Business Development Director, Rob Embers said, “We are delighted to become a CESG CHECK Green Light provider. This completes all major certifications for Dionach and will allow us to provide a new level of service to our new and existing client base, this also helps aid our growth plans.”

Further details of CHECK can be found on the CESG website. Any enquires regarding CHECK IT Health Checks can be accessed by contacting Dionach.

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