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Information Security Training

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Dionach offer a variety of Information Security Training including Secure Application Design, ISO 27001 Implementation and Firewall Configuration.

Secure Application Design Training

Internal developers creating applications are not always aware of current security risks, vulnerabilities or exploits. As a supplement to performing Application Security Audits, Dionach can also provide customized training courses for your developers based upon industry best practices and the results of the actual reviews performed. This service has been found to be extremely effective in mitigating future secure coding errors by developers because they are trained on examples taken from their own applications.

ISO 27001 Implementation Training

Implementation of an ISMS in order to comply with the information security standard ISO 27001 is not an easy task and requires an understanding of both the standard and the information security threats that your organisation faces.

The unfortunate fact is that, however sophisticated your information security technology infrastructure, it will fail if it is not supported by appropriate processes and, if those people who have to use the technology don't understand it, they will circumvent or otherwise undermine it. Training is therefore one of the most important aspects in developing, implementing, deploying and maintaining an ISO 27001 ISMS

As information security experts with a wealth of experience related to ISO 27001, we can provide your staff with information security awareness and train them on how to implement an effective ISMS.

Firewall Configuration Training

Firewalls now play a key part of any modern day network infrastructure and the concept has extended from a System Administration term into everyday vocabulary.

Although the basics of firewall configuration are fairly simple to grasp, organisations with multiple and complex internet connections require a more detailed understanding of firewall best practices to safeguard their networks whilst maintaining appropriate and correctly authorised access to essential systems and applications.

Dionach can train your IT staff on the various types of information security threats associated with firewalls and provide practical tips on how various firewall systems should be configured.

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