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Regular penetration testing, sometimes known as ethical hacking, is a mainstay of security evaluation programs with the goal of mitigating cyber risk.

Faced with the triple challenge of rising cyber threats, mounting public interest in data safeguarding and tough new regulations, organizations are taking no chances when it comes to testing – and demonstrating – their resilience to attacks.

Identifying your organisation’s vulnerabilities by using techniques employed by real-world cyber criminals will set you on the right course to accurately evaluating risk and, where necessary, choosing the right remedial solutions.

What we do

For the test methodologies outlined below, we employ a suitable mix of black box testing (where our tester has minimal knowledge of the target system, rather like an external hacker), grey box (replicating a privileged internal user) and white box (full knowledge and access for the most comprehensive internal and external security evaluation).


Network Penetration Test

This test identifies the vulnerabilities of your computer systems through their exposure to the Internet.

Web Application Penetration Test

The correct choice of test if you wish to ensure that your websites, webshops, intranets, extranets and web-based applications are secure.

Mobile Application Penetration Test

We would recommend this test to evaluate your mobile apps and the web services that they communicate with.

Internal Penetration Test

This assesses the threat of both deliberate and accidental breaches from hackers and malicious or negligent insiders with access to your systems. Often deemed low-risk, internal attacks can actually pose a substantial threat to an organisation.

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