The top cyber security breaches in 2019 (so far!)


There has been a high number of cyber security incidents that have been made public in 2019, some with very large financial ramifications. Organisations have been fined large amounts by the ICO following GDPR data breaches demonstrating that they are taking their enforcement responsibilities seriously. Cyber-attacks are increasing and the consequences can impact even reputable big brands and responsible organisations. The cost and time required to recover to a “Business as usual” state should never be underestimated. Make sure that your organisation has a robust cyber security strategy in place to protect against cybercrime.

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Here is a summary of some of the more prominent incidents that have recently hit the headlines.

Zoom Meeting client vulnerabilities

Marriott to face £99 million GDPR fine from ICO over November 2018 data breach

British Airways faces record £183m fine for data breach

Lake City fires employee after paying ransom in malware attack

7-Eleven Japan shut down a mobile payments after hackers exploited security flaw

How a ransomware attack cost Norsk Hydro £45m

Wipro phishing attackers from earlier this year also targeted Western Union, Expedia, Rackspace

YubiKey FIPS reduced initial randomness vulnerability causes key replacement program

Flipboard Data Breach – Passwords and Links to Third Party Accounts

Leicester City Online Shop Compromised

City of Baltimore’s ransomware nightmare

Equifax’s financial outlook now negative