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Hotel Chain Admits Credit Card Security Breach

The hotel chain Mandarin Oriental have released a statement revealing that credit card systems in some of its hotels in the US and Europe have been hacked. In a statement made on their website, the company have highlighted malware, which they now cite as having been 



FCC's Latest Vote Favors Net Neutrality

It was decided on Thursday by a 3-2 vote that the Internet should be formally enforced as an unbiased communications medium. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the policy will ensure "that no one, whether government or corporate, should control free open access to the Internet."



Google have disclosed three OS X 0days

Google's Project Zero security team revealed three zero-day vulnerabilities within Apple's OS X, since previously disclosing a number of flaws in Microsoft's Windows operating system.



Reverse engineering could be made impossible with HARES

Jacob Torrey, Senior Research Engineer for Assured Information Security (AIS) is soon to be giving talks about his newly created s



Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Universal Cross Site Scripting flaw

A serious flaw has been found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10&11 browser that works on both Windows 7 and 8.1. The vulnerability is known as a ‘Universal Cross Site Scripting’ flaw as it renders the victim vulnerable to all forms of XSS attacks.