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Network Security Audit

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A Network Security Audit examines, from a technical viewpoint, the effectiveness of an organization's security infrastructure and security policies relating to hardware, software and users.

A Dionach Network Security Assessment comprises of:

  • An examination of network topology
  • An audit of the firewall and server configurations
  • A review of security policies
  • A detailed report of the findings, issues and recommendations

The Network Security Auditing is undertaken by experienced CISSP qualified consultants and is structured around the requirements of ISO 27001 for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This includes:

  • Access control
  • Backups
  • Antivirus
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Business continuity
  • Patching

The output of a Dionach Network Security Audit is a report with a non-technical overview of the impacts and likelihood of the most serious security issues, coupled with full details of the audit undertaken, more comprehensive descriptions of the individual issues, and recommendations for resolution.

We prefer to deliver this Network Security Assessment report face to face to enable discussion and full comprehension of the risks identified. We also make our auditors available for further meetings and discussions with those who are tasked with fixing any issues.

A Dionach Network Security Audit will demonstrate to management if investment in security is required to reduce risk to an acceptable level, and justifies security budget expenditure.

A regular Network Security Audit will identify any infrastructure of procedural changes that have caused any major security vulnerabilities.

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For further information on how Dionach carry out Network Security Auditing, read our Network Security Audit Case Study.